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Sanctuary of Brugarola

The Sanctuary of the Brugarola is a Marian shrine named after Our Lady of Oropa. The church stands majestically amid chestnut trees on the road to the Alpe Noveis. In addition to the church building, there is also a civil building formerly used as a dwelling by the hermits.
Built in 1722 in honour of Our Lady of Oropa, the name of the shrine is "sanctuary of the with the name of shrine of the Beata Vergine Incoronata: a votive pillar with the image of a Black Madonna recalls this cult, practised in this area since antiquity.
A stone staircase is the access way to the sanctuary, the façade of which is decorated with stucco and statues. The main altar is dedicated to the Virgin Mary, shown between Sant'Eusebio and San Bernardo. The side altars are dedicated to Saint Peter and Saint Francis.
The park surrounding the sanctuary includes a small square where town festivals are held during the month of August.
Blessed Giacobino Canepaccio was born in Ailoche, precisely in the nearby hamlet of Piasca, in 1438. He was beatified by Pope Gregory XVI in 1846, which confirmed the veneration that past generations had dedicated to him. Today, it is possible to visit his birthplace in that town.