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Locarnese National Park

The Locarnese National Park Project is a collective effort of 13 municipalities and 13 Patriziati in the region with the purpose of enhancing and protecting a unique territory of extraordinary beauty that extends from the Brissago Islands on Lake Maggiore, up to the village of Bosco Gurin, the only Valser settlement of Ticino. Along a path of just 35km, the Project climbs from 193m elevation on the shores of Lake Maggiore up to 2863m on the Wandfluhhorn (Pizzo Biela), passing from a subtropical climate to an Alpine climate.  The National Park Project seeks to highlight the value of all of the treasures enclosed in this territory, in collaboration with various institutions, associations and the population, while promoting tourism and typical regional products, in order to provide new stimuli for sustainable development in the entire region.   
The more secluded parts of the Locarnese landscape and its valleys are its authentic jewels: Onsernone Valley, the Valley of Vergeletto, the Valley of Bosco Gurin and Centovalli.
Visitors have an extensive offer to choose from: this region boasts many cultural attractions, unknown villages with traditional stone houses and uncontaminated nature. Gourmets can find tasty regional products such as sausages, cheeses, good flour and much more.

Parco Nazionale