Place LESA (NO)
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Chiesa Parrocchiale San Giorgio e San Giovanni Battista

The parish of Villa Lesa dedicated to Saint George and Saint John the Baptist, built between 1764 and 1774, incorporates a side chapel, part of the Church of St. George. It 'a majestic baroque building a single aisle. As a beautiful invoice is the altar surmounted by a cupoletta with the statue of San Giovanni and the balustrade. Of more interest is what remains of the house: the Romanesque bell tower dating from the first half of the century that stands on five floors and is decorated with hanging arches, single and mullioned windows over a gateway in introducing ' ancient chapel in stone Angera, surmounted by a lunette carved with a St. George killing the dragon. On the back wall there is a Crucifixion dated 1553, recently restored by Giovanni Maria de Rumo, painter gaudenziana near the school.