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Chiesa di Santa Maria d'Egro

The graveyard church is located in the countryside of Egro (from the Latin word ager). Construction of the present building over the ruins of a preexisting one was started in 1614 and completed in 1636. The curch presents a rectangular base and has a central nave with two side aisles and a raised presbiterium facing eastwards. The most ancient fresco, recently restored, depicts Our Lady of the Rose sitting on the throne holding the Baby Jesus. During the battle of Milan between the French and Savoy armies the church was used as a hospital. Inside are still preserved inscriptions and engravings depicting moments of local history, especially the seals put on the ancient graves of the Brotherhoods of the Suffrage, the Holy Sacrament and the Rosary in addition to the ones related to the Visconti Family and the Convent of the Ursuline Order.

Church Cemetery