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Sanctuary of Moglietti

The Sanctuary of Santa Maria dei Moglietti, dedicated to St. Mary of Graces, is located in the municipality of Coggiola in a quiet location immersed in the green woods.
The land where it was built used to be a bog, hence the name muijeit (from moja, marsh) which has this meaning in Piedmont dialect. The locality is also called "of the battle" because a local tradition narrates of a battle in which the inhabitants of Coggiola won over the faithful of Fra' Dolcino.
The sanctuary is the result of three enlargements of the original nucleus, which consisted of a small chapel. From the fence of this primary construction, we can glimpse the images of Saint Joseph and Saint Lucia that flank the Virgin Mary of Oropa.
The small building supposedly dates back to the time of Fra' Dolcino.
The ancient votive pillar at the origin of the sanctuary, which bears an image of the Madonna with baby Jesus, is still inside the sacred building. In front of the sanctuary stands a fountain built in Biellese style with various metal ladles attached with chains to the carved stone pillar from which water flows.
Inside the church, several ex-voto donations are on display, in remembrance of the graces obtained by the inhabitants of the area. Each year on 2nd July, they celebrate the feast of the sanctuary.
The Rifugio Moglietti is located a short distance from the sanctuary.

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