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The Postcard Museum - "Cultural Centre of San Giulio"

The collection is located in the oratory dedicated to San Giulio, in Gagnone, in a scenic point of incredible beauty. According to tradition, the ancient and elegant oratory, now deconsecrated, was founded with the Parish Church of Santa Maria Maggiore, by Saint Julius, an Eastern monk who, together with his brother Julian, undertook the work of evangelising Ossola at the end of the 4th century. The current oratory has completely lost its frescoes (except for the altarpiece over the main altar), but the stuccoes are intact and the main entrance is protected by a beautiful stone portico. Recently restored, it is also the home of the municipal library, and has a conference room. Next to it is the "Cappella dell'addio", rich in historical and emotional significance: emigrants leaving the town would say good-bye to their loved families in front of this chapel, and the families would stop here to pray for the trip and the safety of their loved ones. The small chapel was built in 1915 on the ruins of another very ancient one, and was frescoed by Giovan Battista Ciolina. The collection of postcards is made up of an archive of about 3,000 postcards of old Vigezzo, the earliest dating from the end of the 1800s. All the interesting material is digitized, and can be seen on a computer which is available to the public.

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